Working with Supplemental Resource Fields

You can add initials, group designations, or a code to a resource using the appropriate field in the Resource Sheet or the General tab in the Resource Information dialog box. The following list provides examples of how you might use these fields:

Initials If you want a resource's initials, rather than his or her entire name, to appear in certain fields in your project plan, enter the initials in the Initials field in the Resource Sheet or on the General tab in the Resource Information dialog box. Group Use the Group field to specify any categories of resources that might be useful for sorting, grouping, or filtering. For example, you can specify the department the resources come from, such as Product Development or Marketing. If you are using contracted resources, you can enter their company's name in the Group field. Or you can use the Group field to specify the resource's title or skill set; for example, Engineer, Architect, or Designer.

Note You cannot assign a group name to a task. The group simply provides more information about a resource so you can sort, group, or filter resources.

Code Enter any code meaningful to you or your company in the Code field. It can be any

0 alphanumeric designation you want. In fact, you can use it the way you use the Group p field. You can enter job codes or skill codes, for example. Like the Group field, you can e then sort, group, or filter these codes.

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