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A project template is a standardized starting point for a new project. A template can contain task information, resource information, or both. It might be very broad in scope, showing just major phases and generic resource names, for example. Or the template can be highly detailed, with multiple outline levels of tasks, their durations, task dependencies, and specific resource information.

Microsoft Project comes with a set of built-in templates for a variety of industries and applications. Microsoft Project templates are available from third-party sources as well, such as professional societies and standards organizations. You can also create your own templates based on previous projects you have completed. It's a good practice to adapt and save the plan of a completed project as a template for future use in your organization, either for yourself or for others.

For more information about using a project plan as template, see "Creating Your Own Project Template," later in this chapter on page 857.

A project template serves as a knowledge base for a certain type of project. It is meant to save you time when planning your new project and to let you build on past project experiences. The project template can also help set and enforce organizational standards. It can disseminate custom features and elements, such as specially designed reports, company-specific base calendars, modified views, and so on.

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