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When you make certain types of adjustments to your project plan, Microsoft Project can present Smart Tag indicators with option buttons (see Figure 1-26). These Smart Tags specify the action you've just taken, along with any possible implications that action might have. You get information, especially in certain ambiguous situations, to make sure that the result is really your intention. You also see options to switch to a different action if your intention was for a different outcome.


Define business vision




Only clear the contents of Task Name Cell. Delete the entire task.






Interview owners of similar businesses


Identify needed resources

Figure 1-26. A Smart Tag is first marked with a triangle marker in the affected cell. When you move your mouse pointer over the marker, the Smart Tag indicator appears. Click the indicator, and the options appear.

There are four areas in which indicators and option buttons might appear:

• Adding, changing, or removing resource assignments

• Changing start or finish dates

• Editing work, duration, or units

• Deleting a task or resource in the Name column

The indicator appears in the cell as long as the edit is available for an Undo operation. After you make a new edit, the indicator disappears.

Unlike Microsoft Office Smart Tags, you can't change or create your own feedback messages in Microsoft Project.

You can turn off the display of indicators and option buttons. Click Tools, Options and then click the Interface tab. Under Show Indicators And Options Buttons For, clear the check boxes for the category of changes for which you don't need indicators.

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