Working with Personalized Toolbars

Microsoft Project personalizes toolbars and menus by displaying only the commands you use most frequently. Initially, Microsoft Project loads menus and toolbars with commands popular with the majority of users. As you select commands on menus and toolbars, those commands appear near the top of a menu, whereas commands you rarely use disappear.

To access hidden toolbar buttons, click the Toolbar Options button at the end of the toolbar and then click the button you want. To access hidden commands on a menu, click the double arrows at the bottom of the menu and then click the command you want.

If you prefer to see all commands on a toolbar or menu at all times, you can turn off personalized menus. To do this, right-click any menu or toolbar and click Customize in the shortcut menu. In the Customize dialog box, click the Options tab. Select the Always Show Full Menus check box.

To remove a button from a toolbar, do the following:

1 If the toolbar you want to customize is not visible, click View, Toolbars and then click the name of the toolbar you want to customize.

2 Click Tools, Customize, Toolbars. The Customize dialog box appears.

3 On the toolbar, right-click the command you want to remove and then click Delete in the shortcut menu.

The command is removed only from the toolbar. It's still available in the Customize dialog box.

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