Working with Enterprise Resource Outline Codes

2 Outline codes are custom hierarchical codes that are defined by your project server adminis trator or other user with permissions to modify the enterprise global template. Just as enterprise project outline codes and enterprise task outline codes can be defined for your organization, so can enterprise resource outline codes.

After the resource outline codes are defined, the project server administrator or other user with the proper permissions associates resources in the enterprise resource pool with the enterprise resource outline codes that define those resources. In this way, the enterprise resources are defined by their job code, qualifications, specialties, locations, or any other attributes needed by an organization.

For more information about enterprise task outline codes, see "Working with Custom Enterprise Fields" earlier in this chapter on page 652.

Because the outline codes are already associated with the enterprise resources, and because most project managers do not modify the enterprise global template by default, you typically use the enterprise resource outline codes to do the following:

• Match or replace resources in your project with others associated with the same values in their outline codes. You do this using the Build Team dialog box.

• Substitute generic, local, or enterprise resources in your project with enterprise resources possessing matching values in their outline codes. You do this using the Resource Substitution Wizard.

• Arrange enterprise resources in your project by their outline codes, so you can review your project team by your organization's resource breakdown structure or other resource hierarchy. You do this by sorting, filtering, or grouping by the outline code.

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