Viewing a Resource Calendar

As soon as you create a resource, the project calendar is assigned by default as the resource's working time calendar. To view a resource's working time calendar:

1 Display the Resource Sheet or other resource view.

2 Click the resource whose working time calendar you want to view.

3 On the Standard toolbar, click Resource Information.

4 In the Resource Information dialog box, click the Working Time tab.

The working time calendar for the selected resource appears (see Figure 6-11). By default, it's identical to the project calendar until you change it. The Base Calendar field indicates which base calendar is the origin of the resource calendar.

Figure 6-11. Use the Working Time tab in the Resource Information dialog box to view or modify an individual resource's working times. These are the days and times when assigned tasks can be scheduled for this resource.

Note Microsoft Project comes with three base calendars: Standard, Night Shift, and 24 Hours. These base calendars are like calendar templates that you can apply to a set of resources, a set of tasks, or the project as a whole.

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