Using Web Parts to Create a Project Information Web Page

You can use Web Parts to develop Web page components that convey key project information efficiently to your team or organization. Web Parts are self-contained, reusable components that consist of types of information varying from sophisticated dynamic Web page content embedded in a frame to concise text messages in HTML. Generally, most features and content that can be seen on a Web page can be included as a Web Part.

Web Parts group and position all key information logically and consistently; the information is accessed through hyperlinks. In addition, Web Parts can be enhanced and customized to suit your organization's needs.

Because you can use just about any type of Web page as a Web Part, you can save Microsoft Project information as a Web page and then include it as a Web Part.

For more information about building a Web page using Web Parts, refer to the Project Software Development Kit (SDK) and navigate to the "Creating Web Parts" section. To access the SDK, go to http: //, click Microsoft Office Project 2003, and then click SDK Documentation.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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