Using the Tracking Toolbar

Many of your tracking functions are available on the Tracking toolbar (see Figure 10-7). To display the Tracking toolbar, click View, Toolbars, Tracking. You can also right-click an empty spot in the toolbars area and then click Tracking.

Project Statistics

Reschedule Work

100% Complete Add Progress Line Update As Scheduled

Figure 10-7. The Tracking toolbar includes buttons for setting percent complete, updating multiple tasks at once, and more.

As soon as you enter the tracking and monitoring phase of your project, it's a great idea to continuously display the Tracking toolbar, which contains many of the tools you need to quickly review and update task status throughout the life of the project.

The following list describes the functions available on the Tracking toolbar:

Project Statistics. Opens the Project Statistics dialog box, which shows the current, baseline, actual, variance, and remaining information for overall project start, finish, duration, work, and cost.

Update As Scheduled. Enters actual information to show that the selected tasks are proceeding exactly as planned. This is a shortcut to using the Update Project dialog box with the default settings.

Reschedule Work. Reschedules the entire project to start any uncompleted work after the current date. This is a shortcut to using the Update Project dialog box to reschedule uncompleted work.

Add Progress Line. Changes your cursor to a selection tool for you to select the status date for the progress line. Click the date in the chart portion of the Gantt Chart, and the progress line is drawn according to that date. This is a shortcut to using the Progress Lines dialog box.

0% Complete through 100% Complete. Enters actual progress for the selected tasks to the selected percent complete. This is a shortcut to using the Update Tasks dialog box.

Update Tasks. Opens the Update Tasks dialog box.

Collaborate Toolbar. Displays the Collaborate toolbar, which you can use to publish assignments, update project progress, request progress information, and use various features associated with Project Server, Project Web Access, and enterprise project management.

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