Using Resource Information from Microsoft Excel

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Suppose you have a list of resources in a Microsoft Excel workbook. You can easily use it to populate your project's Resource Sheet. You can copy information or you can import the file.

To copy a resource list from an Excel workbook, follow these steps: Open the Excel workbook that contains the resource list. Select the resource names. On the Standard toolbar in Excel, click Copy. Open the project plan. If necessary, click View, Resource Sheet.

In the Resource Name column, click the cell where you want to begin inserting the copied resources.

On the Standard toolbar in Microsoft Project, click Paste.

You can also use the Microsoft Project Plan Import Export Template to import resources from Excel to Microsoft Project. The standard Excel importing process involves mapping the Excel columns to the corresponding Microsoft Project columns to ensure that the right information ends up in the right locations in your Resource Sheet. The Microsoft Project Plan Import Export Template is set up to enter more detailed resource information in the format

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