Using Multiple Value Enterprise Resource Outline Codes

With Project Professional 2002 came the introduction of enterprise resource outline codes, which could be used to specify traits or properties associated with resources, such as skills, locations, certifications, languages, and so on. Now with Project Professional 2003, ten of these enterprise resource outline codes can be used to each define multiple traits within a single code. Instead of using a separate outline code for each trait, multiple traits can be combined in a single resource field to show all pertinent properties of a resource at once.

The project server administrator creates the Enterprise Resource Multi-Value (ERMV) fields and assigns them to the resources as appropriate. The project manager then can add one of the defined ERMV fields to a resource view to show resource properties at a glance. These multiple properties are set up with the ERMV fields, which are the Enterprise Resource Outline Codes20-29.

The information contained in this field can also be used with the Resource Substitution Wizard, Build Team dialog box, and Portfolio Modeler.

For information about administrator setup of the ERMV fields, see "Specifying Multiple Properties for a Resource" on page 613. For more information about working with fields and outline codes, see "Working with Outline Codes" on page 806.

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