Using Microsoft Visio with Microsoft Project

Many of the processes and structures reflected in your project plan can be represented in a graphical format and illustrated to help readers visualize them. You already are using a Gantt Chart and Network Diagram for depiction of your project work. By using Microsoft Visio, you can create more extensive visual graphic representations of the flows, concepts, structure, and organization involved with your project. The unique capabilities of Microsoft Visio make it a great tool to use in conjunction with Microsoft Project. You can use Microsoft Visio as a standalone tool that provides visual depiction of your project information or as a source of embedded illustrations within your project plan.

In Microsoft Project, you can use the Visio WBS Chart Wizard to generate a work breakdown structure (WBS) chart of your project.

For more information about creating a WBS chart in Visio using Microsoft Project data, see "Charting Your WBS in Visio" on page 90.

Using the Copy command in Visio and the Paste Special, Paste As Picture command in Microsoft Project, you can embed the diagram in a vacant area of your Gantt Chart to illustrate the organization of your work.

Using the same commands, you can build an organization chart in Visio and embed it in the Notes box of the Resource Information dialog box for a resource you want to show in a hierarchy. As described in the previous section, you can capture a static picture of a Microsoft Project view and include it in a Visio file.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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