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Through the use of Project Server, as accessed by Project Professional and Project Web Access, an entire portfolio of projects can be standardized across your enterprise. Numerous Microsoft Project elements, including views, filters, groups, fields, and formulas, can be designed and included in the enterprise global template that reflects your organization's specific project management methodology. This customization and design is done by a project server administrator. This project server administrator is the person who sets up and manages the installation of Microsoft Project for your organization. The project server administrator knows the requirements of project management and the features of Microsoft Project well enough to design custom solutions and is often a programmer or other information technology professional. The project server administrator might also be a technically oriented lead project manager.

When your project server administrator designs a common enterprise project template, all project managers in the organization can then work with the same customized project elements that support organizational initiatives. In addition, senior managers can review summary information from multiple projects throughout the organization.

The project server administrator also sets up the enterprise resource pool, which contains all the resources available to the enterprise, from which the various project managers can draw to staff their projects. The enterprise resource pool includes key resource information such as cost, availability, and skill set.

Some organizations might divide the duties between a project server administrator and portfolio manager. While the project server administrator can handle installation, server, network, and database issues, the portfolio manager can be responsible for designing custom project elements, managing the enterprise resource pool, and setting up users and permissions.

For more information about enterprise capabilities, see Part 7, "Managing Projects Across Your Enterprise."

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