Use the Define The Project Wizard

The Define The Project Wizard can walk you through the setup of your new project and complete the necessary dialog boxes quickly for you. To set up a new project by using the Define The Project Wizard, do the following:

1 Create your new project file, either from a blank project or from a template.

2 In the Project Guide, open the Tasks side pane by clicking the Tasks button on the Project Guide toolbar.

The Project Guide side pane is similar to the task pane in other Microsoft Office XP applications.

3 Click the Define The Project link.

The Define The Project Wizard starts in the side pane.

4 Enter the estimated start date for your project and then click the Save And Go To Step 2 link at the bottom of the pane.

5 Continue working through the Define The Project Wizard, clicking the Save And Go To link after each step.

6 At the final step, click the Save And Finish link.

7 In the Tasks pane again, click the Define General Working Times link and work through the Project Working Times Wizard.

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