Understanding Project Stakeholders

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Every project has a set of stakeholders associated with it. Project stakeholders are individuals or organizations who are somehow connected to the project and can influence the project's outcome. As the project manager, you need to be able to work with different types of stakeholders in various ways. A stakeholder can do the following:

• Be actively involved in the work of the project.

• Exert influence over the project and its outcome (also known as managing stakeholders).

• Have a vested interest in the outcome of a project.

There are a variety of stakeholder categories, each supported in its own way by Microsoft

Project. The categories are as follows:

Project manager. Microsoft Project directly supports the project manager with its scheduling, tracking, and communication capabilities.

Team members. The stakeholders executing the project are supported minimally through e-mail communication with their project manager. In a more comprehensive manner, team members are supported through Project Web Access, in which they can view their assigned tasks, send and receive task updates, send status reports, and review the project as a whole.

Team leads. Team leads can use Project Web Access to delegate and manage tasks.

Project resource manager. A resource manager might work in concert with the project manager to help acquire and maintain necessary resources. Through Project Web Access, a resource manager can analyze resource utilization information.

Senior managers, executives, or sponsors. People who lead the organization in implementing the project or supply the project budget or other resources can use Project Web Access to review high-level project summaries. In an enterprise environment, executives can review a summary comparing multiple projects being carried out throughout the organization. Such individuals are also known as managing stakeholders.

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