Understanding Project Management Processes

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It might seem daunting when you realize that, as a project manager, you're responsible for such a tremendous balancing act. However, this responsibility can be broken down into four manageable processes:

1 Initiating and planning the project

2 Executing the project

3 Controlling the project

4 Closing the project

Most of the chapters in this book are structured with these four processes in mind. For each process, you use Microsoft Project in specific ways. There are also standard project management practices related to planning, executing, controlling, and closing the project. Throughout this book, the Microsoft Project procedures and project management practices are described in the context of the relevant project process.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about… Project Management Made Easy! Project management consists of more than just a large building project and can encompass small projects as well. No matter what the size of your project, you need to have some sort of project management. How you manage your project has everything to do with its outcome.

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