You can't get the combination view to be a single view again

In a combination view such as Task Entry or Resource Allocation, one of the two views always has focus; that is, it's the currently active view. When you switch to another view, only the active view switches.

Before switching to another view, make the combination view a single view. To do this, click Window, Remove Split. Or double-click the split bar—the gray dividing bar between the two views. Then switch to the other view.

Working with Timescales

Many Microsoft Project views, including Gantt charts and usage views, use a timescale to indicate time in the project. The timescale appears above the chart or timesheet area of a view. Starting with Project 2002, you can now display up to three timescales (see Figure 4-15), each timescale in a tier. The highest tier shows the broadest period of time, and the lowest tier shows the most detailed period of time. For example, you can show days within weeks within months, or you can show weeks within quarters.

Figure 4-15. You can zoom your timescales up or down while you're working.

Figure 4-15. You can zoom your timescales up or down while you're working.

The default timescale is two tiers: days within weeks. To set your timescale options, do the following:

1 Show a view that contains a timescale; for example, the Gantt Chart, Task Usage view, or Resource Graph.

2 Click Format, Timescale. The Timescale dialog box appears.

3 The Timescale dialog box has four tabs: Top Tier, Middle Tier, Bottom Tier, and Non-Working Time. The Middle Tier tab is displayed by default. In the Show box, click the number of timescale tiers you want to display (one, two, or three).

4 In the Units box, specify the time unit you want to display at the middle tier, for example, quarters, months, or weeks.

5 In the Label box, click the format in which you want to display the time unit, for example, Mon Jan 26, '04; Mon January 26; or Mon 1/26.

6 If you chose to display more than one tier, click the Top Tier and/or Bottom Tier tabs and repeat steps 4 and 5.

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