There are duplicate resource names in your master project

Often, your master project contains a set of tasks and a set of resources assigned to those tasks. When you insert a project, the resources from that inserted project are added to your master project. Resource information appears in the resource views, and task information from the subproject appears in the task views just as if you had entered it in the master project originally. You can review and edit the information normally.

If you inserted a project that contains some of the same resources as your master project, you see their names listed twice in your resource sheets. One instance of the resource name is associated with the master project, and the other instance is associated with the subproject. If that resource is a part of other projects you insert, that name can appear additional times.

You can assign resources from a particular subproject to tasks only in that subproject. That is, you cannot assign resources from one subproject to tasks in a different subproject.

To see which resources are associated with which project, add the Project column to the Resource Sheet or Resource Usage view.

If you want to work with a single set of resources across all your projects, consider setting up a resource pool.

For more information, see "Sharing Resources Using a Resource Pool" later in this chapter on page 441.

Changing Subproject Information to Read-Only

In some cases, you might not want subproject information to be changed from the master project. Maybe you want to view it only in the master project—which might be the case when you have several project managers in charge of their own subprojects—and you need to see only the high-level view of all integrated project information. In this case, you can change a subproject to be read-only information in your master project, as follows:

Task Information

1 Display the Gantt Chart or other task view.

2 Click the subproject summary task name.

3 On the Standard toolbar, click Task Information.

4 In the Inserted Project Information dialog box, click the Advanced tab (see Figure 14-7).

Figure 14-7. Use the Advanced tab in the Inserted Project Information dialog box to change a subproject to read-only or to remove the link to the subproject.

5 Select the Read Only check box.

Now, if you make changes to any subproject information and then try to save the master project, you'll see a message reminding you that the subproject is read-only. Whether you make a subproject read-only or not, whenever you change subproject information in a master project and save the master project, you are given the choice to save the subproject information to the subproject file. You can always discard those changes.

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