Your baseline information doesn't roll up

When you first save your baseline plan, any baseline fields you display show the proper rollup amounts, whether it's duration, start date, finish date, cost, and so on.

As you adjust the schedule or enter tracking information, your scheduled information changes, whereas the baseline information remains the same. It's supposed to stay the same. The job of the baseline is, of course, to always show information from your original plan so you can make the necessary comparisons.

Now suppose that you edit a baseline field, even if you know you shouldn't. Although Microsoft Project allows you to edit an individual baseline field, its associated summary tasks are not recalculated to reflect your edit. Every change that's made to the baseline chips away at the integrity of the baseline information and dilutes the purpose of having the baseline in the first place.

A more likely scenario is that you've added or removed tasks in the plan, and these changes are not reflected in the baseline. Strictly speaking again, such changes are not supposed to be in the baseline because it is a different state from your original plan.

In any case, if you do have a legitimate reason for updating baseline information, you can add selected tasks to the baseline and have the summary information recalculated, as follows:

1 Select the tasks with the changed information. If applicable, select the summary task(s) you want updated as well.

2 Click Tools, Tracking, Save Baseline. Make sure the Save Baseline option is selected, and that the baseline you want to use is selected in the box.

3 Under For, click the Selected Tasks option.

The Roll Up Baselines section becomes available.

4 Select the To All Summary Tasks check box if you want all changed information in the selected tasks to roll up to all associated summary tasks.

Select the From Subtasks Into Selected Summary Task(s) if you want the changed information in selected subtasks to roll up only into your selected summary tasks.

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