You added an incorrect URL as a trusted site

If you added an incorrect URL to the list of trusted sites, you can remove it. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Security tab. Click the Trusted Sites icon; then click Sites. The Trusted Sites dialog box appears (see Figure 22-3). Under Web Sites, highlight the incorrect URL and then click Remove.

Figure 22-3. Make any changes needed to your list of trusted Web sites.

After the project server URL is listed as a trusted site in Internet Explorer, you can log on. If you specified in the Project Server Accounts dialog box that you want to automatically connect to your project server, all you need to do is start Project Professional. The specified project server location is found, and Project Professional logs you on immediately.

Your user account must be set up by the project server administrator before you can successfully log on to the project server. If you have problems logging on, check with your administrator.

For more information about adding server accounts, see "Establishing User Accounts and Permissions" on page 583.

If you specified that you want to manually connect to the project server, follow these steps: 1 Start up Project Professional.

The Project Server Accounts dialog box appears (see Figure 22-4).

Project Server Accounts | X |

1 3 Choose account:


My Computer

1 Connect |


Work Offline |


Figure 22-4. Select the project server account, and then click Connect.

Click the project server account if necessary and then click Connect.

If you ever want to work offline, or if there's a problem logging on to the project server, click the My Computer account and then click Work Offline.

If you specified in the Account Properties dialog box that you want to use your Windows account to log on, as soon as you open Project Professional, you are immediately authenticated and connected to the server.

If you specified that you want to use a Project Server account to log on, another dialog box appears, asking for your user name and password. Enter them and then click Go.

Tip Connect across a wide area network

If you're connecting across a wide area network (WAN) rather than a local area network (LAN), you might need to improve system performance. Select the Connecting Across A WAN check box at the bottom of the Project Server Accounts dialog box.

However, note that you might sacrifice some functionality in the Build Team dialog box.


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