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You assign two resources to a task, but the work is doubled rather than halved

When you assign multiple resources initially, Microsoft Project assumes that you intend for the same amount of work to be applied to all assigned resources across the time span represented by the task duration.

If you want the duration to be reduced because multiple resources are assigned, set the duration accordingly. Or start by assigning just one resource at first. Then assign the additional resources in a separate operation. As long as the task is not a fixed-duration task, the duration is reduced based on the number of additional resources added.

The calculations for work and duration can change if you assign one resource initially and then later assign a second resource. This might also be true if you initially assign two resources and later remove one of them.

For more information about these schedule recalculations, see "Changing Resource Assignments" later in this chapter on page 220.

Tip Specify the work time unit you use most often

If you don't specify a work unit, by default Microsoft Project assumes the unit to be hours, and automatically enters "hrs" after your work amount. You can change the default work unit if you like. Click Tools, Options and then click the Schedule tab. In the Work Is Entered In box, select the time unit you want as the default.

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