Your scheduled start and finish dates change when you enter actuals

When you enter actual start or actual finish dates, your scheduled (current) start or finish dates change to match. Microsoft Project recalculates the scheduled dates so that you can see any effects the change might have on the rest of your schedule. For example, if Task A was scheduled to finish on May 15 but it finished on May 20 instead, you'd need to know how its successor Task B is now scheduled. This update is especially important when critical tasks are involved.

If you want to keep your scheduled start and finish dates for comparison purposes, save a baseline or interim plan before you enter the actuals. With a baseline, not only can Microsoft Project remember the original start and finish dates; it can also calculate the differences between the original and scheduled information. These differences are stored in the Variance fields, which are empty until you save a baseline and start entering progress information.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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