You can't remove buttons on a toolbar

The Add Or Remove Buttons command doesn't remove custom buttons you added to a built-in toolbar or any buttons on a custom toolbar. A custom toolbar's name is dimmed in the Add Or Remove Buttons shortcut menu, so you must click Customize to remove buttons from it. Buttons added to a built-in toolbar are dimmed on the shortcut menu.

To remove custom buttons on a built-in toolbar or any buttons on a custom toolbar, drag the buttons off the toolbar while the Customize dialog box is open.

Customizing the Microsoft Project Interface Changing the Properties of a Toolbar

When you right-click a toolbar button while the Customize dialog box is open, a shortcut menu with commands for changing the contents and properties of a toolbar appears. The commands on this shortcut menu include the following:

Reset. Restores the original button, command associated with the button, and settings for the button on a built-in toolbar.

Delete. Removes the button.

Name. Displays a box in which you can enter a new name that appears in the ToolTip for ^

the button. r 2

Copy Button Image. Copies the selected button image to the Clipboard so you can paste it j|

to another button. C

Paste Button Image. Pastes the image on the Clipboard to the selected button. You can copy graphics from other applications or images from other buttons.

Reset Button Image. Restores the button image to the default.

Edit Button Image. Opens the Button Editor dialog box, in which you can edit the image.

Change Button Image. Displays a menu of images from which to select a new image.

Default Style. Displays only a button image on a toolbar and the button image and text on a menu.

Text Only (Always). Displays only text for the command in toolbars and menus.

Text Only (In Menus). Displays a button image on a toolbar and only text on menus.

Image And Text. Displays a button image and text in toolbars and menus.

Begin A Group. Adds a group divider to the toolbar.

Assign Macro. Opens the Customize Tool dialog box in which you can select a command for the button.

The toolbar doesn't appear where you want it

Toolbars might appear docked at the top, sides, or bottom of the screen; or they can float in their own window in the middle of the screen. To change the location of the toolbar, drag the toolbar to the top, side, or bottom of the screen.

To float the toolbar, drag it into the middle of the screen. Double-click the toolbar to toggle between docking and floating.

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