Microsoft Project performance has slowed since you last leveled

You probably set resource leveling to Automatic. Every time you make a scheduling change that affect assignments, Microsoft Project automatically levels resources. Although this is a nice feature and is often what we expect Microsoft Project to do for us, it can significantly slow down performance in larger or more complex projects.

There are three ways to resolve the slowdown. In the Resource Leveling dialog box, select the Manual option under Leveling Calculations. Then click Level Now whenever you want resources to be leveled. This is the most effective solution, providing the most reliable results throughout your project.

Another solution is to maintain automatic leveling but turn off automatic calculation. Click Tools, Options, and then click the Calculation tab. Under Calculation Options, select the Manual option. Now, whenever you make schedule changes, your schedule won't be recal culated until you come back to this tab and click the Calculate Now button, or press F9 to calculate all open projects or Shift+F9 to calculate only the active project.

Here's the third method for improving performance. If you want to keep automatic leveling as well as automatic calculation, clear the Clear Leveling Values Before Leveling check box in the Resource Leveling dialog box. This procedure can help improve performance because previous leveling values are not cleared before the new leveling is done.

Tip Switch to the Leveling Gantt before leveling

If you go to the Leveling Gantt first and then level your project, you can see the results immediately in the Leveling Gantt. If you don't like the results, you can click Edit, Undo to reverse the changes made by leveling.

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