You have duplicate resource names, and information is being tracked separately for each instance

Whether you enter actual names or generic names, be aware that Microsoft Project allows duplicate entries of the same name. Through the use of a unique identifier (Unique ID) for each resource record you enter, the duplicate entries appear unique to the Microsoft Project database. The problem is that when you assign tasks to a duplicated resource, you might assign some tasks to one instance of the resource and other tasks to another instance. Microsoft Project tracks the resource and assignment information as if they are separate resources, so your information is skewed.

If you've entered a long list of resources, it's a good idea to sort the resource list and review the sorted list to check for duplicates. In the Resource Sheet, click Project, Sort, By Name.

Tip Mark generic resources and automatically substitute them

If you're using Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 with Project Server 2003 and the enterprise features, you can mark generic resources as such. Double-click the resource name to open the Resource Information dialog box. Make sure that the General tab is displayed and then select the Generic check box.

When your project is connected to Project Server, you can use the Resource Substitution Wizard to search throughout the enterprise resource pool to find the resources with the skill set and availability you need. When the right resource is found, the Resource Substitution Wizard replaces the generic resource with the real resource who can now work on your project.

For information about the Resource Substitution Wizard and the Team Builder, see "Building Your Team Using Enterprise Resources" on page 655.

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