I can't find a field I want in the Mapping table

The list of Microsoft Project fields changes depending on whether you're exporting tasks or resources. Tasks and resources have different fields associated with them.

If you're looking specifically for the BAC (Budgeted At Completion) earned value field, find and apply the Baseline Cost field instead—they are the same field.

If you're looking for a Variance field, look for the specific type of variance—for example, Cost Variance or earned value CV (Cost Variance). There's also Work Variance, SV (Schedule Variance), and VAC (Variance At Completion).

Refer to Appendix B, "Field Reference" for a complete listing of all Microsoft Project fields.

To open and review your exported project data in Excel, follow these steps:

1 Start Microsoft Excel.

2 Click File, Open.

3 In the Open dialog box, browse to the drive and folder in which you saved your exported Excel workbook.

4 Double-click the workbook.

Your project data appears in the workbook using the tasks (or resources), filter, and table or fields you selected in the export process (see Figure 13-8).

Figure 13-8. View and manipulate your project data in Excel.

5 Adjust columns, change data types, and then set up formulas or charts as you wish to analyze this data further.

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