You can't change the calculation for the value that appears in the group heading row

The group heading rows for standard fields display the sum of the values for the entries in the group. However, you might want to use a different calculation for the group heading row, such as the largest value or the average.

Although you can't change the calculation for a standard field group summary, you can create a custom field equal to the standard field. Then you can calculate the group summary for the custom field using the other summary calculations. To do this, first create a calculated custom field. Then set the custom field equal to the standard field. Select the Rollup option and choose the calculation you want to use for the rolled-up value.

Groups often display elements in small sets, one set for each discrete value that exists in the field that you grouped. This process works well for fields such as Milestones that have only two values. For groups based on cost or work, the number of discrete values can seem endless. However, you can define intervals for groups. To do this, follow these steps:

1 In the Group Definition dialog box, click the field for which you want to define intervals.

2 Click Define Group Intervals. The Define Group Interval dialog box appears (see Figure 25-19).

The default selection for Group On is Each Value.

Define Group Interval | X |

Field name:


Group on:



Start at:


Group interval:



OK 1


Figure 25-19. Set the starting value and size for group intervals.

3 Click the down arrow in the Group On box and then click the interval you want to use in the list.

The intervals listed depend on the type of field. For example, the intervals for a field that represents work include units in which work is measured, such as hours, days, weeks, and months.

4 To start the interval at a specific number, type the number in the Start At box.

5 To define the interval size, type the number in the Group Interval box. To group assignments in intervals of two weeks worth of work, type 2.

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