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Data isn't pasting into the target file correctly

When you exchange data using the Copy and Paste commands, it's important to remember that fields and columns of data will stay in the order and format of their source file. Before you paste data from another application into your project file, first set up the columns in the source file in the order of the corresponding columns into which they'll be pasted in your project file.

Also be careful that data formats, particularly numbers and dates, are the same in the source file as in your project file. If you want to copy and paste data from another application into a project file that has no project field equivalent, insert columns of generic custom fields (for example, Text1 or Number1) to hold the new type of data. These extra columns must match the column order in the source file. This matching of compatible columns is called manual data mapping, and must be done before you give the Paste command. If you paste inappropriate data into Microsoft Project fields, a paste error message alerts you that a mismatch has occurred (see Figure 16-4).

Figure 16-4. The paste error message appears for every field mismatch.

You'll repeatedly see a separate paste error for every mismatch field in the paste operation.

For information about copying information from Excel to Microsoft Project, see "Copying Information from Excel" on page 504.

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