You can't adjust report column sizes

When you're generating a report, you have no control over column widths. You can specify the content, change font sizes of report elements, adjust the timescale, and modify the headers and footers. This is true whether you're generating a built-in report or one that you've created yourself.

However, you can adjust the scale of the report so you can fit more columns on a page. You can also switch a report between portrait and landscape page orientation.

For more Information on changing page setup options, see "Adjusting the Page Setup of a Report" later in this chapter on page 393.

You might also consider printing a sheet view instead of a generated report. When you print a view, you can apply the same table that the report is based on and adjust the column sizes by dragging the edges of the column headings. You can also add and remove columns.

For example, suppose that you want to generate the Unstarted Tasks report, but you don't like that it goes across two pages. You can change the page setup to reduce the left and right margins to 0.5 inch each, and the scaling to 80 percent.

If this change makes the report too small, look at the table and filter the report is based on. In the Current Activity Reports dialog box, select the report and then click Edit. The Definition tab shows that the report is based on the Entry table with the Unstarted Tasks filter applied. Close the dialog boxes and display the Gantt Chart or Task Sheet view. If necessary, apply the Entry table. Then, apply the Unstarted Tasks filter. Adjust the column sizes the way you want; add or remove columns as necessary. Set the page setup for the page orientation, scaling, and margins you want. This way, you can print the information you want with full control over the column widths and content.

For more information about printing views, see "Setting Up and Printing Views" earlier in this chapter on page 358.

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