Translate Duration to Work Amounts

You can control how Microsoft Project translates duration to work amounts. By default, if you specify a 1-day duration, Microsoft Project translates this to 8 hours of work. However, if you want 1 day to mean 6 hours to account for non-project work, you can change your calendar options.

Click Tools, Options, and in the Options dialog box, click the Calendar tab. Change the settings in Hours Per Day, Hours Per Week, or Days Per Month, as needed to fit your requirements.

If you want the project or resource calendar to reflect the changes you made to the duration to work-amount settings, you must change the appropriate working time calendars to match. If the calendars don't match the calendar option settings, you'll see odd results.

For more information about changing the project calendar, see "Setting Your Project Calendar" on page 70. For information about resource calendars, see "Setting Resource Working Time Calendars" on page 187.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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