Tracking Non Project Tasks and Time

No matter how dedicated and conscientious, no one can spend every minute of the workday or workweek devoted to project assignments. There is bound to be time taken for nonproject tasks such as handling e-mail, attending staff meetings, and participating in training workshops.

In addition, there is bound to be some nonworking time happening during the course of a project, such as sick time, vacation time, and holidays.


In past versions of Project Web Access, nonworking time was handled by the resource's working times calendar. Everyday administrative duties were not accounted for formally, although many project managers built in extra time for resources to handle them.

Now in Project Professional, you can create an administrative project that can be used to account for and even track nonproject time.

Note By default, the project server administrator and resource manager are granted permission to create an administrative project.

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To create an administrative project, follow these steps:

1 Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server.

2 Click File, New.

3 Under Templates in the New Project side pane, click On My Computer.

4 In the Templates dialog box, click the Enterprise Templates tab (see Figure 22-41).

Figure 22-41. Select the Administrative Time template.

5 Click the Administrative Time template and then click OK. The template opens (see Figure 22-42).

Publish All Information

Figure 22-42. Use the Administrative Time template as a basis for your administrative project.

6 Make any modifications you want to the template. Add any additional administrative tasks and delete any you don't want to include.

You can also create your own administrative project from scratch.

7 Display the Resource Sheet and add all your enterprise resources that you want to use the administrative project.

Click Tools, Build Team From Enterprise. Apply filters or groups to narrow the list and find your resources and add them to the administrative project.

These can be enterprise resources from multiple projects. In fact, this can be everyone in a given department. Administrative projects work best with 5-100 resources. After you have added the resources, don't assign them to any of the administrative tasks. They will later assign themselves to these tasks as needed.

8 Click File, Save.

9 In the Save To Project Server dialog box, enter the filename you want for this administrative project.

10 Select the Administrative Project check box and then click Save.

11 With the administrative project still open, click Collaborate, Publish, All Information. Or, on the Collaborate toolbar, click Publish All Information.

12 In the message that appears regarding saving the project, click Yes.

13 In the Publish All Information dialog box, click OK.

The administrative project is now published and associated with the team members. Those team members can assign themselves to any of the tasks as they need them. They can enter the dates and duration for any of their self-assigned administrative tasks. This time figures into their overall project availability.

Note Resources should be assigned to only one administrative project, even if they're working on different projects.

You can also work with the administrative project from within Project Web Access.

1 In your Web browser, log on to Project Web Access.

2 In the blue navigation bar, click Projects.

The Project Center appears (see Figure 22-43).


Figure 22-43. The administrative project appears with other projects in the Project Center.

3 Click the link for the administrative project to open it.

Team members needing information about assigning themselves to a project task and about working with an administrative project should refer to Chapter 23.

Tip More Project Web Access functions and views

There are many more Project Web Access functions available to you. As you've already seen, some views are accessible from within Project Professional. Many more views and functions are available in Project Web Access itself. Explore around and see what else you can do with Project Web Access to help you manage your projects and collaborate with your team more efficiently.

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