Tailoring Project Web Access Timesheet Fields

If you're collaborating with your team members using Project Server and Project Web Access, you can tailor the fields shown in the team members' electronic timesheet. Depending on the progress information you want to track, you might want to add any of the following fields to the team members' timesheet:

• Actual Work Complete

• Actual Duration

• Remaining Duration

• Actual Finish

• Remaining Work

These fields are task progress fields, so they can be most useful in a team member's timesheet. However, you can add any task or assignment field available in Microsoft Project. The timesheet becomes part of the periodic task update that the team members send you.

For more information about setting up Project Web Access options, see Chapter 21, "Adminstering Project Server and Project Web Access for Your Enterprise."

There's also a simplistic e-mail collaboration method. For more information, see Chapter 19, "Collaborating Using E-Mail."

Using one primary method of tracking actuals does not prevent you from using other methods for other tasks. Although you might achieve more consistent results if you stick to one method, sometimes other tasks simply lend themselves to a different type of progress infor mation. Certain tasks are so important that you want to track them very closely. You can do that—you're never locked into a single tracking method.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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