Splitting Tasks

Sometimes a resource needs to stop working on one task, start work on a second task, and then return to the first task. This can happen, for example, when an overallocated resource needs to work on a task with a date constraint. In this situation, you can split a task. With a split task, you can schedule when the task is to start, stop, and then resume again. As with delay, splitting a task can ensure that resources are working on tasks when they actually have time for them.

Note In a split task, the task duration is calculated as the value of both portions of the task, not counting the time when the resource is working on something else. However, if you split a task with an elapsed duration, the duration is recalculated to include the start of the first part of the task through the finish of the last part of the task.

To split a task, follow these steps:


Split Task

Display the Gantt Chart by clicking View, Gantt Chart.

On the Standard toolbar, click Split Task. Your mouse pointer changes to the split task pointer, and a small pop-up window appears.

In the chart portion of the view, position your mouse pointer on the Gantt bar of the task you want to split, on the date when you want the split to occur.

Drag the Gantt bar to the date when you want the task to resume (see Figure 9-28).

While you drag, the pop-up shows the start and finish dates.

Start date

Resume date

Finish date Stop date

Figure 9-28. Drag the Gantt bar to represent when the task stops and when it resumes again.

You can split the task multiple times. Click Split Task on the Standard toolbar to activate each new split.

To remove the split in a split task, drag the right portion of the split Gantt bar toward the left portion until both sides of the bar touch and join.

Split Task

Tip Split a task after work has started

After you begin the execution and tracking phase of the project, you can also split a task on which a resource has started working.

For more information on rescheduling, see "Rescheduling the Project" on page 321.

Note You can also adjust scope to balance the workload.

For more information about cutting scope, see "Changing Project Scope" later in this chapter on page 293.

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