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You might be familiar with the Split function in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, in which you can divide a single window into two panes and scroll each pane independently. In Microsoft Project, you might need to refer to different parts of the same Microsoft Project



Project Guide

Project Guide view. Perhaps you want to show different parts of the same view in a split screen because you're modeling a new section of a project on an existing section farther up the view. Or maybe you want to see two different views at the same time.

The problem is that when you split a screen in Microsoft Project (using Window, Split), a form appears that gives you a combination view. You can switch to a different view, but the lower view is designed to show information relevant to the information selected in the upper view.

The solution is to open a second instance of the same window and then arrange them side by side in your Microsoft Project window. To see two independent panes of your project plan at the same time, follow these steps:

1 Click Window, New Window. In the New Window dialog box, click the name of your project plan, and click OK. This opens a second instance of your project plan. The two instances are marked in the title bar with a "1" and "2," indicating that these are separate windows of the same project. Any changes you make in one window are simultaneously made in the other.

2 Click Window, Arrange All. Any open project plans are tiled in your project window (see Figure 4-23).

Figure 4-23. Clicking Arrange All makes all open projects visible.

3 If you have other project plans open besides the two you want to work with, either close them or select each one and click Window, Hide. When only the two instances of the project plan are displayed, click Window, Arrange All again. The two open projects are tiled horizontally: one above and the other below (see Figure 4-24). Now you can scroll the two windows independently of each other and also look at different views independently.

Figure 4-24. You can independently scroll or change views in the two tiled project windows.

Tip Hide toolbars temporarily to add space

To give yourself more working space while viewing two project windows at one time, hide a toolbar or two. Click View, Toolbars and then click the name of the checked toolbar you want to hide. By default, the Standard, Formatting, and Project Guide toolbars are showing.

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