Specifying Workgroup Information

If you will communicate project information electronically with resources, you might need to complete one or more of the following fields on the General tab in the Resource Information dialog box:

E-mail Specifies the resource's e-mail address, which is essential if you exchange e-mail messages or project files with team members. If the resource is outside your company— that is, using a different e-mail system than you—be sure to specify the full e-mail address; for example, [email protected].

For more information about communicating project information through e-mail, see Chapter 18, "Integrating Microsoft Project with Microsoft Outlook," and Chapter 19, "Collaborating Using E-Mail."

Workgroup Specifies the workgroup method for this resource. The choices are Microsoft Office Project Server, None, or Default. Depending on how your implementation of Project is set up, you might also see a choice for E-mail Only. To set the default workgroup choice, click the Collaborate menu, click Collaboration Options, and click your default workgroup method in the Collaborate Using list.

Windows Account Finds the resource's user account in the local address book and places it in that resource's Windows User Account field.

For more information about using e-mail as a workgroup communication method, see Chapter 19. For guidelines on setting up Project Server options, see Appendix A, "Installing Microsoft Office Project 2003."

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