Specifying the Default Save Location

If you have a drive or folder dedicated to your project management files, you might want to make that your default save location. This default location will be the folder that is presented first whenever you open or save a project file. To set the default folder, do the following:

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the Options dialog box, click the Save tab (see Figure 29-7).

Figure 29-7. Use the Save tab in the Options dialog box to set defaults for saving project files.

3 Under File Locations, click the Modify button. The Modify Location dialog box appears.

4 Browse to the drive and folder where you want your new project files to be saved by default. Click OK.

5 In the Options dialog box, click OK.

Tip Set the default file type

If you regularly save your project files as something other than an MPP file (for example, a Microsoft Project Database or Microsoft Project 98 file), you can change the default file type from MPP to your file type of choice. Click Tools, Options, and in the Options dialog box, click the Save tab. In the Save Microsoft Project Files As box, select the file type you want to use as the default.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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