Sources of your project scope finish date and budget

Your project scope, finish date, and budget can be imposed on you for various reasons, depending on the type of project and the specific situation. The following are a few examples:

• You are a seller or potential subcontractor bidding on a project whose scope has been defined in the Request for Proposal (RFP). You need to provide the full scope, but your costs and finish date must be competitive with other bidders. If possible, you'll want to include value-added items to give your proposal an advantage while still making a good profit.

• Bring in the project finish date

• You are a subcontractor and you have been awarded the contract based on a pro posal including broad assumptions of scope, finish date, and cost. Having taken this risk, now you must create a detailed project plan that will actually implement that fin ish date, cost, and scope.

• You've been assigned as project manager of a project within your company. The scope, budget, or finish date have been handed down as one or more of the project assumptions. Your success is predicated upon your ability to implement the project within those limitations.

• You've been assigned as project manager of a project within your company. You and other stakeholders developed the scope to a fair level of detail. It's up to you to propose the budget and finish date for the project.

• You are the project manager and you've balanced your project triangle the way you believe is best. However, after you submitted the project plan for client review, certain new project requirements or limitations surfaced. You have to readjust the project tri angle to take the new limitations or requirements into account.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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