Sorting Project Information

By sorting information in a table, you can arrange it in alphabetical or numerical order by a particular field. For example, you might sort your tasks by start date so you can see tasks that are due to start next week. Or you might sort your tasks by duration so you can see the tasks with the longest durations and how you might break them up and bring in the project finish date.

You can also sort resources. For example, in the Resource Sheet, you might have originally entered all resources as they came on board, but they might be easier for you to manage if they were in alphabetical order. You can easily sort by the resource name. Better yet, you can sort by department or group name, and then by resource name.

To sort items in a sheet view, do the following:

1 Display the sheet view whose information you want to sort.

2 Click Project, Sort.

3 In the submenu that appears, commonly used sort fields are presented. For example, if you're working in the Gantt Chart, you can sort by Start Date, Finish Date, Priority, Cost, or ID. If you're working in the Resource Sheet, you can sort by Cost, Name, or ID.

4 If you want to sort by a different field than what's presented in the submenu, click Sort By. The Sort dialog box appears (see Figure 4-19).

Figure 4-19. Use the Sort dialog box to choose the fields you want to sort by.

5 Under Sort By, click the name of the field you want to sort by and then specify whether you want the sort to be ascending (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest). If you want to sort within the sort, add another field in one or both of the Then By boxes.

6 Make sure that the Permanently Renumber check box is cleared. You will likely want to clear this check box in the majority of the cases. However, if you really want this sort to be permanent and you're certain that you won't ever want to return to the original order of the tasks or resources, go ahead and select this check box. The ID numbers for the tasks or resources are changed, and the tasks or resources will be sorted by order of the ID numbers when you don't have any other sort order applied.

7 Click Sort.

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