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To set up Project Standard or Project Professional on a computer where there is no previous version of Project installed, follow these steps:

1 Close any other applications that are running.

2 Place the Project Standard or Project Professional CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive.

If Project Standard or Project Professional Setup doesn't start automatically, click the Start button on the Windows taskbar and then click Run. Type X:\setup.exe (where X is the name of your CD-ROM drive) and then click OK.

After Microsoft Office Project Standard 2003 Setup or Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 Setup is running, continue through the following steps to complete installation.

Note If you are upgrading from a previous version of Project, follow the steps detailed in "Upgrading from a Previous Version of Project," later in this appendix on page 958.

3 In the Product Key window, enter your 25-character product key in the Product Key boxes. Click the Next button.

4 In the User Information window, enter your User Name, Initials, and Organization. Click the Next button.

5 In the End-User License Agreement window, review the agreement and then select the I Accept The Terms In The License Agreement check box. Click the Next button.

6 In the Type Of Installation window, select the installation option you want: Typical Install, Complete Install, Minimal Install, or Custom Install. Select the Typical Install option to install Project 2003 with the default settings and most commonly used components. Click the Next button. Skip to Step 7 if you selected either Install Now, Minimal Install, or Complete Install.

Note If this window says Upgrade Now, there is a previous version of Project already installed on this computer.

Refer to "Upgrading from a Previous Version of Project" later in this appendix on page 958.

7 If you choose a Custom installation, the Advanced Customization window appears. Click the plus or minus signs to expand or collapse the tree. Click the down arrow next to the component to change its installation status to Run From My Computer, Run All From My Computer, Installed On First Use, or Not Available (which means the item is not installed—you can install it later). Click the Next button.

The hard disk space required by the customized installation of Project Standard or Project Professional is updated in the lower right corner of the Microsoft Office Project 2003 Setup window when you add or remove features from the installation.

8 The Summary page appears. Click the Install button.

The Now Installing Microsoft Project Professional window appears. This window tracks the progress of the installation.

When the installation is finished, the Setup Completed window appears. You can use the Web to check for the latest product updates from Microsoft and you can delete any installation files required by Setup that are no longer needed. Click Finish. You can now run Microsoft Office Project 2003 by clicking Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Office Project 2003.

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