Setting Up EMail Notifications

When you publish new or changed assignments to the project server, you can specify whether a notification e-mail message is sent to the team members affected by the changes. If you want to send these notifications, make sure that your team members' e-mail addresses are set up in the project plan.

If your organization has implemented the enterprise features of Project Server, your team members are part of the enterprise resource pool, and your project server administrator is responsible for making sure that the e-mail addresses for all resources are present in the enterprise resource pool.

If your organization is implementing the non-enterprise features of Project Server, that is, team collaboration only, you're responsible for setting up the e-mail addresses. If this is the case, add resource e-mail addresses by following these steps:

1 Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server and that your project is checked out and displayed.

2 Display the Resource Sheet.

3 Right-click the column heading where you want to add the E-Mail Address field. Click Insert Column on the shortcut menu.

4 In the Field Name box, find and click the Email Address field and then click OK. The Email Address field is added in a new column at your selected location in the Resource Sheet.

5 Review the contents of the Email Address field.

If you added resources to your project using your Outlook Address Book or Active Directory, their e-mail addresses might already be present.

6 As necessary, type your resources' e-mail addresses in their Email Address fields.

You can specify other e-mail notifications to your resources (and to yourself, too) using options in Project Web Access, as follows:

1 Start up Internet Explorer.

2 In the Address box, enter the URL for your project server (or select it from your Favorites list) and then click Go.

The Project Web Access logon page appears.

3 Enter your user name and password and then click Go. Your Project Web Access Home page appears.

4 In the side pane of the Home page, click Alert Me About My Resources On Tasks And Status Reports.

The Alert Me page appears (see Figure 22-24).


Figure 22-24. Specify any e-mail notifications you want to receive.

Review the options throughout this page and select the check boxes for the events for which you want to be notified via e-mail. Clear the check boxes for events for which you do not want an e-mail notification.

There are e-mail notification options for resource activities, upcoming tasks, overdue tasks, tasks requiring progress updates, and status reports.

You can specify whether you should receive the e-mail, whether your affected team members should receive the e-mail, or both (see Figure 22-25).

Figure 22-25. You can automate e-mail notifications regarding progress updates or overdue tasks.

6 When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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