Setting Up EMail Notifications

You can configure e-mail reminders to be sent to your resources, and to yourself, too. To do this, follow these steps:

1 In the Project Web Access navigation bar, click Home.

For information about how team members use the administrative project, see "Tracking Nonproject Tasks and Time" earlier in this chapter on page 711. For more information about working with the administrative project within Project Professional, see "Tracking Nonproject Tasks and Time" on page 695.

2 In the side page of the Home page, click Alert Me About My Resources On Tasks And Status Reports.

The Alert Me page appears (see Figure 23-25).

Q1)J Microsoft-Office

Jii Project Web Access

Log Off | Help


Home | Tasks | Projects | Resources | Status Reports | Updates | Risks | Issues | Documents | Admin


Alert me about my resources on tasks and status reports

Actions: Home Page Change password

Use this page to receive e-mail notifications when there are changes to your resources' tasks and status reports. To change the e-mail address, contact your server administrator.

E-mail address:

Alert me about my tasks and status

□ Alert iï

le about my resources' tasks

Send i

s-mail immediately when my resources... Submit new tasks and assignments Delegate tasks Update tasks

Alert me about my resources on tasks and status reports

[7 R

Go offline


Send i

s-mail in the specified frequency for upcoming tasks...


Alert resources |l | day(s) v before their tasks are due, e-mail me only f e-mail me and my resources

Figure 23-25. Specify any e-mail notifications you want to send to your resources.

3 Review the options throughout this page and select the check boxes for the events for which you want to send or receive e-mail. Clear the check boxes for events for which you do not want an e-mail notification.

There are e-mail notification options for resource activities, upcoming tasks, overdue tasks, tasks requiring progress updates, status reports, and delegated task activity. You can specify whether you should receive the e-mail, whether your affected team members should receive the e-mail, or both.

4 When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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