Setting Rules for Accepting Updates

As team members work on, update, and complete their assigned tasks, they submit their task updates to the project server on a periodic basis. You can manually review each task update and accept the information into your project plan, or not. Or, you can set up rules to specify which updates are safe to automatically incorporate into your project plan. Using rules can help keep your project plan up-to-date while significantly reducing the number of updates you have to handle.

To set up rules for accepting changes to the project plan, follow these steps:

1 In Internet Explorer, log on to Project Web Access.

2 In the blue navigation bar across the top of the page, click Updates.

3 In the side pane of the Updates page, click Set Rules For Automatically Accepting Changes.

The Set Rules page appears (see Figure 22-26).

Figure 22-26. Specify the conditions under which updates can be automatically accepted.

4 Above the table, click New Rule.

The Step 1 page appears (see Figure 22-27).


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Address http ://ps2/proiectserver/Home/ruleswiz, asp


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Project Web Access

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Set rules for automatically accepting changes

View task changes submitted by automatically a

View history of past task changes

Select the types of task changes to update automatically Automatically accept the following types of task changes v

® All of the message types below O All new task and assignment requests O All task delegation requests O All task updates

Oonly task updates that fit the following criterion: Field:

Operator: Equ.

Figure 22-27. Select the types of updates to which you want your new rule to apply.

5 Specify your preferences for your new rule on this page. When finished, click Next.

6 Continue to work through the pages and steps until your new rule is created.

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