Setting Deadline Reminders

Suppose you want a task or milestone to be completed by a certain date, but you don't want to limit the schedule calculations by setting a date constraint. Set a deadline instead. A deadline appears as an indicator on your Gantt chart as a target or goal, but does not affect the scheduling of your tasks.

To set a deadline, follow these steps:

1 Select the task for which you want to set a deadline. 10

On the Standard toolbar, click Task Information and then click the Advanced tab. a.

3 In the Deadline box, enter or select the deadline date. «

The deadline marker appears in the chart area of the Gantt chart (see Figure 5-17). Repeat Steps 1-3 to change or remove a deadline if necessary. If you're removing a deadline, select the date and press the Delete key.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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