Saving a Project to Project Server

When working with an enterprise project, you first open the project from Project Server. When you are finished with the project, you save and check in the file to the Project Server database.

Note This section applies only if you're working with Project Professional set up for an enterprise environment.

To save a file to Project Server, follow these steps:

1 If you are already connected to Project Server, click File, Save. If you are not connected to Project Server, click File, Save Online.

The Save To Project Server dialog box appears (see Figure 29-6).

Save to Project Server | X |




J Project


1 Administrative project


1 Published


Calendar: | Standard

1 Save 1 Save as File... |


Figure 29-6. The Save To Project Server dialog box enables you to save project plans in the enterprise environment.

2 Indicate whether the project is a Project or a Template.

3 Select a Version.

Published is the default version.

4 Select the Calendar associated with the project. Standard is the default calendar.

5 Click Save. The project is now saved on Project Server and will be available for others to open. Note that you must close the project on your computer before others will be able to open this project.

Tip Save the enterprise project offline

If you want to save the project offline, click Save As File. Other users will not be able to open this project until you save it to Project Server.

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