Routing a Project File

Note You can route a project file if you're using Outlook or any other 32-bit MAPI-based e-mail program.

Sometimes you need specific information from certain individuals regarding the project plan. Maybe one team member is developing the task list, someone else is adding the


resources, and someone else is assigning those resources to tasks. Or perhaps you want various leads to update progress on their segments of the project. One very effective way to give a comprehensive picture of your work is to route your project plan through e-mail to a list of individuals. You can specify whether your addressees receive your e-mail message one at a time or all at once. To route a project file, follow these steps:

In Microsoft Project, open the project file you want to route.

Click File, Send To, Routing Recipient.

The Routing Slip dialog box appears (see Figure 18-11).

Figure 18-11. Complete the Routing Slip dialog box to send the project file to multiple recipients.

Figure 18-11. Complete the Routing Slip dialog box to send the project file to multiple recipients.

Click the Address button.

The Address Book dialog box appears.

In the left window, click the names of the individuals you want on the distribution list and then click the To button.

Note that each individual on the distribution list must have access to Microsoft Project on their computer in order to open the project file.

If you're routing the project one recipient at a time, designate the order of recipients by rearranging their names on the list using the Move buttons. In the Subject field, change the subject if necessary.

In the Message Text box, enter any comments or instructions to accompany the attached project file.

Under Route To Recipients, select the One After Another option (the default) or the All At Once option.

Although sequential routing can be time-consuming and impractical for urgent information, it's ideal for review and evaluation. Each recipient edits the project file and adds comments to the routing message. To send it to the next designated addressee, the recipient clicks File, Send To, Next Routing Recipient. 9 Select the Track Status check box to keep an eye on the progress of the project routing and make sure it doesn't get stuck too long with any one recipient. Select the Return When Done check box to make sure the file comes back to you so you can see everyone's changes and comments.

10 Click the Route button.

The message with the project file is routed to your designated recipients through e-mail.

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