Reviewing Task Dependencies

When needed, the following views can give you a closer look at the task dependencies in your project:

• The Gantt Chart shows task dependencies with link lines between the Gantt bars. In fact, all Gantt Chart views show task dependencies this way.


• The Network Diagram shows each task as an individual node with link lines between them. The Descriptive Network Diagram shows the same, but the nodes are larger and provide more detail.

• The Relationship Diagram shows the predecessors and successors of a single selected task. This view is particularly useful for a large project or any project with complex linking.

35: Conduct framing [inspection_

1 1

37: Install 1st floor

FS 1

sheathing |



58: Place wall insulation 1 - 1st Floor |

FS 1

• The Task Details Form, Task Form, and Task Name Form can show predecessors and successors of a single selected task as part of a combination view. For example, you can display the Gantt chart in the upper pane and one of the task forms in the lower pane. In fact, the Task Entry view is the built-in combination view of Gantt Chart and Task Form. By default, these forms show assigned resource information in the left grid, and the predecessor information in the right grid. To show predecessor and successor information in the form, first click the form pane. Click Format, Details, and then click Predecessors & Successors.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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