Reviewing Resource Usage with Workload Reports

There are two reports in the Workload report category: the Task Usage report and the Resource Usage report (see Figure 12-32).

Workload Reports fx\

















Task Usage

Resource Usage

Figure 12-32. The Workload Reports dialog box shows the available reports in this category.

These reports are excellent tracking tools for seeing the amount of work per task or per resource, on a weekly basis. Both are crosstab reports, showing a tabular presentation of work assigned by assignments along the left and by week across the top.

Using the Task Usage Report

The Task Usage report emphasizes assignment hours by task and by week. Under the task names are the assignments, shown as the names of the assigned resources (see Figure 12-33).

Task Usage as of Tue 4/6/04 NewProduct




Initial New Product Screening Stage

Hanying Feng

4 hrs

Hanying Feng

16 hrs 16 hrs


Hanying Feng

40 hrs 40 his

io h'S

Cc nvene c ppoitu nity of scree ning eo m m itte e (d eeision to p urs ue id ea or not) Hanying Feng

ID h»

Decision point- go/no-go to preliminaiy investigation Hanying Feng

Preliminary Investigation Stage

Assign res^roes ^preliminary investigation

8 h'S

Hanying Feng

32 his

48 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs

Evaluate the market

40 hrs

Figure 12-33. The Task Usage report shows assignments by task.

Figure 12-33. The Task Usage report shows assignments by task.

The Task Usage report is very similar to the Task Usage view. Summary tasks are shown so the logical groupings of tasks within the project are easy to follow. Totals are shown for each week and each task. This is a clear way to show the full extent of how work and material resources c are assigned to every task.

Reporting Project Information Using the Resource Usage Report

The Resource Usage report emphasizes assignment hours by resource and by week. Under the resource names are the assignments, shown as the names of the tasks to which the associated resource is assigned.

The Resource Usage report is very similar to the Resource Usage view. For each resource, all assigned tasks are listed along with weekly totals of the hours of work assigned for that task. The report layout is the same as the Task Usage report (see Figure 12-33).

More Built-in Reports

If these reports weren't enough, there are several more available that aren't listed in the

Reports dialog box. These additional reports are as follows:

Base Calendar


Resource (material)

Resource (work)

Resource Usage (material)

Resource Usage (work)


To generate these reports, follow these steps:


Click View, Reports.


In the Reports dialog box, double-click Custom.

The Custom Reports dialog box appears, showing a single list of all built-in reports.


In the Reports box, scroll to and select the report you want to use.


Click Preview.

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