Reviewing Resource Allocation and Availability

As a resource manager, by default you have the necessary permissions for reviewing resource assignments and availability.

To review resource assignments, follow these steps:

1 In the Project Web Access navigation bar, click Resources. The Resource Center appears.

2 In the side pane, click View Resource Assignments.

The View Resource Assignments page appears (see Figure 23-21).

Figure 23-21. Select the resources for whom you want to review assigned tasks.

3 In the Available Resources box, click the names of the resource whose assignments you want to review.

Use your Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple resources as needed.

4 Click the Add button.

The selected resources are added to the Resources To Display box.

Participating On a Team Using Project Web Access 5 Click the Apply button.

A view appears, showing all tasks assigned to the selected resources. To review resource availability, follow these steps:

In the Project Web Access navigation bar, click Resources. The Resource Center appears.

In the side pane, click View Enterprise Resources In Resource Center. All enterprise resources are displayed.

Scroll through the table to find the resource whose availability you want to check. Click in the Choose A View box to switch to a different resource view, if necessary. Click View Options or Filter, Group, Search above the table to arrange the resources in the table to make it easier for you to find and work with the resources.

Select the resource whose availability information you want to check and then click View Availability above the table.

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