Review a resources availability graphs

If you find a resource you want to add or replace in your project, you can get more informa tion about that resource's availability and workload. This can help you decide whether this resource really has the time to work on your project.

Select the resource name in either table and then click Graphs. The Graphs dialog box appears. There are three different graphs to choose from in the Select Graph box.

You can also review these same availability graphs for resources in your project plan. In the Assign Resources dialog box, select a resource and then click Graphs.

With the availability graphs, you can see:

• Timephased work assignments

• Timephased availability and remaining availability

• Timephased resource data grouped by project

Suppose that you have already added an enterprise resource to your project team and you need five more resources just like him. If the existing resource and enterprise resources have attributes defined for them—such as RBS codes, skill sets, certifications, and so on—you can use the Build Team dialog box to find other resources who have the same attributes. To find more enterprise resources whose defined traits match those of an existing project team resource, follow these steps:

1 In the Build Team dialog box, apply any filters or groups you might need to define matching resources.

2 In the Project Team Resources table, click the name of the resource whose traits you want to match with additional enterprise resources.

3 Click Match.

The list of filtered enterprise resources is searched for resource matches. The resulting list of resources represents resources whose attributes exactly match with those of your selected resource. The matching attributes used are those outline codes that your project server administrator has set up with the Use For Resource Matching check box.

4 If you want to add any of these resources, click their names and then click Add.

Managing Enterprise Projects and Resources Replacing and Matching Generic Resources

You can combine the Match and Replace functions in the Build Team dialog box to help you find enterprise resources to replace generic resources, as follows:

1 In your project plan, click Tools, Build Team From Enterprise. The Build Team dialog box appears.

2 If necessary, apply any filters to better focus the list of resources.

3 In the Project Team Resources table, select your generic resource and then click Match.

Microsoft Project finds all the resources in the enterprise resource pool that have the same attributes as the ones you defined in your generic resource. Those matching resources are listed in the Filtered Enterprise Resources table.

4 Select the matching resource you want to replace the generic resource and then click Replace.

The matching enterprise resource is added to your project team. If you had assigned any tasks to the generic resource, the replacing enterprise resource is now assigned to those tasks.

5 Repeat Steps 3-4 to match and replace any other generic resources in your project plan.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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