Receiving Workgroup Messages from Team Members

When a team member responds to an assignment, you receive an e-mail message from the team member in your e-mail inbox. Depending on the e-mail program you use, the informa tion might be contained in a special e-mail form or in an attachment (see Figure 19-7).

Figure 19-7. You receive assignment confirmations from resources in your e-mail inbox.

To review and incorporate your team members' responses to their assignments, follow these steps:

1 If necessary, open the e-mail attachment. The team member's response to your assign ment appears (see Figure 19-8).


The team member's acceptance of the assignment

The team member's acceptance of the assignment

The assignment details Your original message

Figure 19-8. The message indicates whether the resource accepts or declines the assignment.

2 To incorporate the team member's response into your project plan, click the Update Project button.

In your project plan, the Unconfirmed indicator for the assignment disappears.

Note Team members can also send you task updates with changes to task information and progress information with assignment actuals. Open the messages the same way, and either click Update Project to incorporate the information into your project plan or click Reply to have a dialogue with the team member about the information.

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