Receiving and Responding to Assignments

You receive new or changed assignment messages in your e-mail inbox. The subject box of these special e-mails contains a brief description of the assignment action (see Figure 19-10). This subject lets you know that you have important project information to open. Depending on which e-mail application you're using, the assignment e-mail might show the assignment form directly, or it might include an attachment containing the assignment form.

Figure 19-10. Notifications of new and changed assignments are sent through e-mail.

Figure 19-10. Notifications of new and changed assignments are sent through e-mail.

The e-mail message form contains preformatted features enabling quick and direct commu nication back to the project manager. To read and respond to a Microsoft Project e-mail mes sage, do the following:

1 Double-click the e-mail message to open it.

The specialized Microsoft Project e-mail form appears (see Figure 19-11). You might receive such a message when the project manager sends the initial set of assignments to you. You might also receive it when the project manager adds new assignments to your workload or when there's been a change to assignments you're already working on.

Figure 19-11. You receive e-mail regarding your assignments in a specialized message form.

2 Click Reply.

The Reply form appears (see Figure 19-12).

Figure 19-12. Indicate whether you accept or decline the assignment and add any comments as necessary.

3 In the Accept? field, retain the default Yes to accept the assignment. If you need to decline the assignment, double-click on the word Yes to change it to No.

4 If necessary, enter a comment in the Message box.

5 Click the Send button.

The message is sent to the project manager's e-mail inbox. When the project manager accepts your information, the project plan is updated accordingly.

Tip Add or update tasks in your Outlook Tasks list

If you use Outlook, you can add or update the tasks in your Outlook Tasks list. Click the Update Task List button in the Microsoft Project e-mail form.

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